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Build - Create or Re-design Websites


Create or Re-design Websites

Web Design

Using the WordPress platform, unique and well-branded websites are built for every client that partners with Matchstick. Each site comes with a variety of standard functionality as well as customized features created to fit that client’s specific objectives.


Colors, fonts and graphic elements are integrated into each site making it a great extension of any business’ brand. We help bring consistency throughout the whole site that reflects your brand and style.

Multi-Screen Responsive

Phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers all love WordPress. This is why we carefully choose the right theme fit your brand. We also make sure the theme is responsive for users to provide the best possible website experience.


WordPress provides hundreds of different “blocks” that will be mixed-and-matched to build your site. Each site is built on a foundation that will allow it to grow with your business.


WordPress allows you to upload any type of media that you want on your site. Whether it’s an image or PDF you can upload different types of media and add it to whatever page you would like. We make sure each media file is compressed and loads quickly to provide the best user experience.
Boost - Security, Optimization & SEO


Security, Optimization & SEO


We keep your site secure and safe from malware and any unwanted hackers. Without adequate monitoring, your sensitive information is vulnerable to malware and hackers. We’ll perform a risk assessment and resolve any existing threats as well as 24/7 monitoring and protection from potential attacks.

Software & Plugin Updates

We keep the core WordPress files, themes and plugins updated to ensure your site up and running smoothly without problems. These regular updates are the best way to protect a website from potential hackers and malfunction.

Performance Optimization

We’ll keep your site running as fast as possible, without draining extra resources. Slow websites perform poorly in search engines and send visitors away frustrated, costing your business money. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to keep your website running quickly and efficiently.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not only is WordPress built to be found by search engines, this is supplemented with a number of available components. We provide basic SEO features such as: adding keywords, titles, categories, and tags to each page. We also optimize all media files to load quickly and we submit sitemaps to Google.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

We help dramatically increase the speed and availability of your site. The content delivery network we use, is built on a global network of secure data centers, making your website faster for visitors and customers.
Beyond - On-going Monthly Support


On-going Monthly Support

Monthly Support

Our on-going, monthly support packages for WordPress websites help keep your website running smoothy. If something goes wrong, Matchstick is there to make it right. How well your WordPress website is maintained can heavily impact your web success–both from a user standpoint as well as security. We are here to keep your site updated, secure and performing at peak capacity.


Your data will be safe, secure and backed-up on a schedule to make sure your valuable content is never out of reach. Our backups keep your website’s database, files and images stored safely in an off-site location where they can be restored at any time.

Website Firewall

We use a cloud-based website application firewall that stops website hacks and attacks by adding another layer of protection.

WordPress Training

We provide custom training for anyone who needs to login into the backend of your WordPress site. This includes understanding the functionality of your WordPress website and how to perform basic tasks such as: editing a page, uploading media and creating a blog post. Training is tailored to fit the needs of the client.

Web Hosting Consultation

Every hosting company in the world accommodates WordPress. Mostly. Pretty sure. We provide consultation for website hosting services based on the current website server and/or recommended changes for best website support. Upgrading host package and/or adding an SSL certificate are a couple examples of recommended changes.

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