Utilizing the blog functionality on your WordPress website can be a great to way generate traffic to your site. This can be a place where you write original content to provide helpful information that is specific to your industry. Some businesses use the blog to share news on what is going on within the business and showcase services or promotional items. For those who have a personal website, writing a blog can be a place to type out your ideas, share funny stories and even review products. Your goal should be to inform, educate and provide the necessary information that people would want to know about you or your business and to keep them coming back. Blogging can help with your Google rankings and improve how people find you on the internet. You can also share your blogs on all your social media platforms to spread the word even faster!

Why is Google Analytics Important?

Why is Google Analytics Important?

Why is Google Analytics Important? We all know potential clients and customers visit your website to get basic info about your business–who you are, what you offer, where you’re located. But there is a bonus feature of driving traffic to your website: Knowing who visits your site, what pages they view, when they visit and…

WordPress Websites - Tips of the Trade

Tips of the Trade

Have you ever taken the time to read a manual that comes with a new electronic? While most people blow right by these documents, knowing the ins and outs of how something functions will really payoff in the end. The same goes for WordPress blogging. Want to tap into the full potential your blog has…